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Adding operation

What must be said, the operation can be entered only in relation to existing admission. If you didn't enter the admission yet, do it (see entering admissions). When the admission is entered, proceed to the operations.



To add the operation, locate the admission frame (not “List of admissions” but “admission”). Near the right border of the admission frame there are 3 buttons: “Add”, “Edit” and “Delete”. Press the “Add” button. New window opens. Fill the operation's form. When finished, press the “Save data” button. If you change your mind and want not to add the operation, press the “Cancel” button.


One of the required fields is a Surgeon field. Before you can add a operation, you need to enter at least one surgeon in the Staff Management tab. See also entering staff.

Editing operation

This option is likely to use, as you'll need it to alter operation data when needed. First, you have to choose the patient and his/her admission (see finding patient). When the patient and his admission are selected, you can choose and select the operation by clicking on the date of surgery (on the operation list).

Deleting operation

This function is unlikely to be used, but it's present, in case you enter the operation by mistake and want to delete it. First, select the patient and the admission (see finding patient). Then select the operation. Click “Delete” button which is located to the right of the operation list. New window opens. Reconsider your decision. Be careful! There are few “Delete” buttons on the screen. Look carefully if it's really operation that you're deleting (for instance, you could start deleting an admission or a patient). It you're sure it's what you want, confirm your decision. The operation is deleted.

Warning! The operation is being deleted altogether with the related information, like procedures and complications.