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User's manual

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Data entry

Staff, Patients, Diagnoses, Non cardiac abnormalities, Admissions, Operations, Procedures

Adding admission

Find a box entitled “List of admissions”. Near the right border of the box, there are buttons, entitled “Add”, “Edit” and “Delete”. Press the “Add” button. New window appears.


Enter date of admission and date of discharge. Press “Save” button and look at the list of admissions. There is new admission on the list.


Modifying admission

To modify admission means to change the date of admission and/or the date of discharge. To do so, press the “Edit” button which is located to the right of admissions list.


Deleting admission

The need for deleting the admission is unlikely, and this function is expected to be used very seldom. Though, if you happen to enter admission by mistake and wish to delete it, click on the admission date in the admission list window and press “Delete” button. New window opens. Reconsider your decision. If you still wish to delete the admission, confirm deletion. The admission is gone forever.

Warning! By deleting the admission, you delete not only the admission dates, but also all related information, including all operations. If you happen to delete the admission by mistake, you have to enter all data again, manually.