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The ECHSA Database Software is capable of supporting many language versions. We encourage you to contribute a translation into your language.

Current translation status

Language Version Contributor
English 7.0.0 original application language
German 7.0.4 Dr M. Wottke (Deutsches Herzzentrum München)
Italian 7.0.4 Dr. Ing. Alessandro Taddei (Hospital G. Pasquinucci)
Mexican Spanish 7.0.4 Dr Antonio Benita (Instituto Nacional De Cardiologia Ignacio Chavez)
Polish 7.0.0 Maciej Bliziński (from the Software development team)
Spanish 7.0.8 Dr Jose M. Gomez-Ullate
Venezuelan Spanish 7.0.5 Igor Donis, M.D.

You can easily translate the Software to your language! Average computer experience is enough. See how to translate

Please note: as the software is under continuous development, some new english text is introduced in every software release. You can notice that some of the text in the application is not translated, especially the newly added. In such a case, the translation needs to be updated. If you want to volunteer and translate, please go to the page how to translate.