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Welcome to the ECHSA Congenital Database Wiki.
This is a knowledge base and contains the documentation and user's manual for the ECHSA Congenital Database Software.

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How can I start with data collection

1. Download the data collection software and read user's manual on this page below this message
2. When you collect some data please go to the data upload page Data upload page and send the data to our server
3. On a next day after the data upload you will receive an automatic data summary from our server and your data will be available in online reports
4. Any time you have questions please contact Database Coordinator Dr Zdzislaw Tobota tel. +48 501 162 807

The software Starting points
EACTS Database Software

The ECHSA Congenital Database Software (download) and its User's manual. Version 7.0 is the only legitimate software to collect data from year 2005 on.

Check, if your question isn't already answered here:

Other interesting starting points:

To see the database reports or manage your data, go to the address.