Quality of care report

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To perform the Quality of Care report, please follow this link.

Quality of care report extends the Basic Score report by adding a chart and some extra features. The 2-D scatter chart shows relations of two variables: X-axis can be understood as “cause” while Y-axis would be a “result”.

X-axis (cause)

Y-axis (result)


Splits determine, what does a single bubble represent. You can combine splits to get different results.

  • If you'll use no splits, you'll get just one huge bubble that represents a whole database.
  • If you select “split by surgeon”, one bubble will represent one surgeon.
  • If you select “split by surgeon” and “split by year”, one bubble will represent one surgeon in one year.

Please note, that depending on what splits you choose, you can get very different graphs. It is possible to choose such a combination of splits that will result a completely unreadable chart. In such a case, please select tabular output instead of graphical: you'll be able to read calculated values from the table.

Red bubbles

If applicable, bubbles associated with your (the logged in user's) hospital will have red color and they'll also have labes. It applies to “split by hospital” and “split by surgeon” options.