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Report parameters

The Data Flow until the end of 2004


The data-flow graph. -- This graph shows the data flow, concentrating on the data validation procedure.

There were two basic ways of submitting data to the database.


This is the piece of software used to collect and submit data. echdd6 is written in C++, and is available to download in binary form from ECDB's website. This application is avaliable only for Windows platform, and it's intended to be installed locally in the hospital, on the PC. Some Windows systems require additional database libraries installation. They are also available to download.

The echdd6 application makes use of the Windows database libraries and stores its data in MDB file, which can be read with Access97 application. Hence the need for database libraries.

This application allows users to enter the data and export it. Exporting means sending the data to the data manager, who imports the it into main database. Not all of the data is exported. The patients' names for instance, remain in the local PC and they are not transfered to the central database.

Web interface

Web Client Interface, also referred as the Data Entry Form is intended to be substitute to the client application. It is written in Python programming language and allows users to enter the data directly into the main database, without need of exporting. However, the data is not visible in the reports immediately, because it must first pass data validation procedure.

Data validation

See the article: data validation.

Data entry from year 2005

From year 2005 data is gathered with EACTS Database Software version 7.0 only.

The validation rules

See the article: Validation rules.