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It is very important to make a backup copies of your data frequently! Read more: why make backups.

Not all of your data is being exported to the CentralDatabase. The patients' and surgeons' names are not being exported to the database. In case of data loss you will be not able to recover the patients' names from the central database.

In order to fully recover your data you need to make a copy of the database directory.

Data recovery diagram


How to make a backup copy

Database directory backup

USB pendrive

If you have chosen the default database path, your database directory is called EactsCongenitalDatabase and it's placed in your home directory. To create a backup, make a copy of this folder and put it in a safe place.

Complete data export

Other solution is to create a complete export to compressed XML file. Such file is very small and contains all information entered to the EACTS Database Software. In case of any problems you can install the software again and import the data from the compressed XML file.


  • It is advisable to store the backup copies in other builing, or at least other room. Read more: data security.
  • You might want to compress the directory before copying it, for example with WinZIP or WinRAR.
  • The compressed data should be small enough to fit on an USB Pendrive.

Restore a backup

Download, install and run the EACTS Database Software. Then replace the database directory created by new installation with your backed up copy.