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Three aspects of the data security

There are three aspects of the data security.

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Accessibility


Applies to so-called sensitive data, for example personal information (names, addresses). To ensure the data confidentiality, you need to protect the data from unauthorized access.

In the EACTS Congenital Database, the personal data is not exported to the CentralDatabase. The names of patients and surgeons are stored only on the local PCs. See also DataCollectionSoftware/DataExport.


Data integrity is opposite to the data corruption. It means that the data has no errors in it. For example, that there are no operations for non-existing patients.


Data accessibility is opposite to the data loss.

To ensure the data accessibility, make backups frequently. If you don't yet make backups, get motivated by reading the page WhyMakeBackups.