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Until the end of year 2004

Until the end of year 2004, the EACTS Congenital Database Website allowed registered centers to manage their data via WWW.

There were five sections of the "Data Management":

  1. Data Entry Form -- allowed centers to modify and add the data. It is intended to allow centers to quickly correct the mistakes in the data, that were recognized in the validation procedure.
  2. Viewing Own Data -- allowed centers to review their data, and optionally to do to the Data Entry Form to correct it
  3. Uploads -- The place where centers could upload their data exported from the ECHDD6 software
  4. No of Records submitted -- the form, where the centers could enter declared number of operations for each year. It is used to calculate the DataEntryRatio -- what percent of operation was submitted to the database.
  5. DataValidation -- in this section the centers could see if there's any data that did not pass the validation procedure. If there is, the center can edit the data to correct it or claim the data already correct.

If you want to learn more about the DataValidation, please read the data flow section of the documentation.

From year 2005 on

See the EACTS Database Software, which is the only proper way to enter and submit the data from year 2005 on.