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7.0.13 (2006-11-20)

  • One-click data export removed

7.0.12 (2006-10-20) (2006-08-15) bugfix release

  • 30-day status validation rules fixed (thanks to Pete Colsen and Ursula Glück for finding the bug!)
  • Added Tango icons (2006-08-10) bugfix release

  • One-click data export fixed
  • One-click data export menu item moved to top

7.0.11 (2006-08-08)

Major changes

  • Validation status on the patients list
  • One-click data export

The rest of the changes

  • Code refactoring
  • GRPF deletion fixed.
  • EACTS Tools menu reorganized
  • Software version in window title
  • Fixed bug in exporting OtherStaff
  • Export to CVS: table 'factor' included
  • Import from gzipped XML files
  • Printing of patient's empty form
  • IPPV spinner replaced with text field
  • Patient info panel redesigned
  • Weights validation for Derby database engine
  • New menu position: "Validate all data". Refreshing patients list after each validation event.
  • Only one admission on one day is allowed
  • Validation rules to handle the date of discharge better
  • New validation rule: date of death can't be blank if 30-day-status is “dead”
  • Validation rule removed: “Operations before 2005 shouldn't be submitted”
  • Case insensitive patient list sorting.
  • New validation rules for the 30-day status
  • Application remembers the last language setting (English or default)

7.0.10 (2005-11-18)

  • Data validation
  • Hospital code checking and fixing

7.0.9 (2005-06-20)

  • Patient search fixed

7.0.8 (2005-06-09)

  • Patient_local_id display fixed
  • Patients names / patient_local_id list switching supported
  • Search facility for patient_local_id

Version removed from download

7.0.7 (2005-06-06)

  • Spanish translation added
  • Date of discharge is not mandatory for the form saving
  • Keyboard shortcuts added (CTRL+Q, F1, etc)
  • Ability to switch to english language temporarily
  • Patient_local_id support fixed

7.0.6 (2005-05-30)

  • CSV and XML export support added.


  • Venezuelan Spanish translation added


  • Link to online manual added
  • {de} German translation for files added
  • Code refactoring
  • {it} Italian translation added
  • Mexican Spanish translation added


  • PostgreSQL support added
  • Patient Local ID support added


  • IPPV: "minutes" -> "hours"