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To submit a helpful bug report, you shouldn't describe what you think that the problem is. You should describe the symptoms instead, just like a patient visiting a doctor. We are aware of the fact that describing does consume more time than you wish, but unfortunately there is no way to avoid that. Otherwise we are very unlikely to help. Please use the following template to report the technical problems:

Bug Report Template

Step ONE: "When I do"...

You should give a detailed description of consecutive steps, for example:

  • When I click on the "Add Patient" button
  • When I go to the address
  • When I double click the application icon...
  • When I open the C:\ folder...

Step TWO: "This happens"

You should give a description of the symptoms, like this:

  • I see an error message: (error message included)
  • I see wrong text, it says "Mistaek"
  • There is no "DOLV" on the list

Step THREE: "And I want this to happen"

You should explain what you want to get/see/achieve. For example:

  • I want the application to run
  • I want the text to be "Mistake" instead of "Mistaek"
  • I want DOLV to be on the list


It's generally a good idea to provide a screenshot with your report.

Please see the article: How to make a screenshot