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What's new in 7.0 version

Current, 7.x version is a complete rewrite of the previous version, called "ECHDD6". Version 7.x is written in Java. Unlike ECHDD6, the new version can be run not only on Microsoft Windows™, but also on other platforms, like GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. It should run on any platform that can run the Java VM (Java virtual machine, version 1.5). See also: supported platforms.

The user interface (for definition of the user interface, go to [1]) was completely redesigned. In the previous (6.0) version of the software, the user interface was focusing on tables. In the 7.x version the user interface is reflecting the logical structure of the data. The central concept of the data is the patient, and this can be seen in the interface: the list of patients is the place where you begin to browse the data.

The internals were redesigned. The database structure was normalized, and it also reflects the logical structure of the data, where patients have admissions, there are operations during admissions, and during every operation a number of procedures can be performed.

The Data export was redesigned. The data is exported in the modern and portable XML format, which can be read and understood by both human beings and computers. The structure of XML data also reflects the logical structure of the data.

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