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When the patient is selected (by finding him/her and clicking his/her name), you can enter patient's diagnoses. Find “Diagnoses” tab, below patient's details. You should see a table for diagnoses and four buttons: “Add”, “Delete”, “Move up” and “Move down”.


Adding Diagnosis

Press “Add” button which is on the right to the diagnoses list. Dialog button appears. Choose diagnosis group. When done, choose diagnosis name. When done, click on the “Add Diagnosis” button. If you decide not to add diagnosis, click on the “Cancel” button.



Deleting Diagnosis

Select existing diagnosis from the list, by clicking its name. The diagnosis name should be now highlighted. Press “Delete” button, which is to the right of the diagnoses list.

Changing Order

Diagnoses list is ordered, which means that position of the diagnosis on the list describes diagnosis' importance. If you happen to see more important diagnosis below less important one, you may want to correct it, by changing the order.

Click on the more important diagnosis' name. Press the “Move Up” button. The diagnosis moves up. Keep repeating until diagnoses are in right order.

Fundamental Diagnosis

See Fundamental diagnosis for reference.