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We have created a special web page where you can download the latest translation files. The page always contains the most recent revision of all the files of the project. (You can read more about it on page "source code").

First, download the file. Take following steps:

  1. Go to the language files
  2. Find the file.
  3. Click the file.
  4. You'll see the file history. Find the top "download" link.
  5. Right-click the top "download" link and save the file.

Next thing that you need to know is what is your language file name. Here are some common language files: - german (de), Austria (AT) - german (de), Germany (DE) - spanish (es), Spain (ES) - spanish (es), Mexico (MX) - spanish (es), Venezuela (VE) - french (fr), France (FR) - italian (it), Italy (IT) - dutch (nl), Netherlands (NL) - polish (pl), Poland (PL) - portugese (pt), Brasil (BR) - turkish (tr), Turkey (TR) - chinese (zh), China (CN)

If your language and country is not on the list, you can figure it out by yourself, regarding your language and country, refer to ISO Language Codes and ISO Country Codes. When you know the codes, copy the

file and rename it with your codes.

If you find it difficult, email us [1] and tell us your language and country.

You can download the language file in the same way as the first,

file. After that, you should have two files:

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