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This page contains description of the report. To see the report itself, please go to, log in and go to Gold Standards report.

The Gold Standards Report, over time, became the actual standard for the EACTS Congenital Database. The main part of the report is the table, which shows information about 7 parameters of the collected data. The parameters are:

  1. IPPV (in hours)
  2. Total CPB time (minutes)
  3. Total AOX time (minutes)
  4. Circulatory arrest (minutes)
  5. Patient's weight (kg)
  6. Age at operation (months)
  7. Length of stay (days)

For each parameter you will see:

  1. How many operations have this parameter entered
  2. What percent of all data is it
  3. What is the minimum value of the parameter
  4. The mean value of the parameter
  5. Median (or standard deviation in new version)
  6. Maximum value of the parameter

There is some additional data over the main table. It includes:

  1. Number of patients
  2. Number of procedures, which is in this case equal to the number of operations, as the report counts only primary procedures, and there's only one primary procedure per operation
  3. Numbers of operations of each type: CPB, non-CPB, Thoracic, Other, ECMO, Interventional Cardiology
  4. 30-day mortality (ThirtyDaysMortality) and number of deaths


The Gold Standards Report has options, which can be used to customize it. The options are:

  • Procedures: you can specify the procedure; if you do so, only operations with this procedure will be counted. If you want, you can select more than one procedure, holding CTRL key and clicking on procedures' names
  • Age group: you can specify the age group.
  • Hospital Code: you can specify the hospital; if you do so, only operations from this hospital will be counted
  • Years: you can specify one year or more

Five Best Centers

In addition to the main part of the report, you can see the corresponding results from five best centers. The 'best' criterion can be chosen as:

  1. Lowest mortality
  2. Lowest 30-day mortality (see thirty days mortality)
  3. Shortest LOS (see length of stay)
  4. Shortest IPPV
  5. Biggest number of cases (operations)

If you select one of those, there will be five additional tables below the main table. They will contain Gold Standards Report for the five best centers.

As for the mortality, it is common that there are some centers with very few operations, and very low mortality, probably because they entered data more or less selectively. You will probably be more interested in not-selectively entered data (see selective data entry), so you can specify minimal number of operations that the hospital should enter, to be taken into account when choosing best centers.

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