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Primary procedure election
Primary operation election
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Reports without regard to procedures or Basic Score

The primary operation is the first operation performed. However, there are cases where two operations were performed during one day and they have equal date_of_surgery fields.

Read more about the first operation.

Procedure and Basic Score related reports

All reports that display the mortality, are patient-based, because the mortality is a property of a patient. For reports that show any property of an operation (like surgeon) must elect one operation as the primary operation for given patient. Following text describes how exactly is the primary operation elected. There is a number of patients for which the primary operation is impossible to elect. Those patients do not appear in the reports.

For the given patient:

  1. Determine the primary procedure. See the primary procedure election for details.
  2. If the primary procedure is impossible to determine, the algorithm gives up. If the procedure was determined successfully, it continues.
  3. Find the operation, during which the primary procedure was performed.
    • Known problems: The primary procedure could be performed during more than one operation.
  4. Find the operation, during which the primary procedure was performed and has priority equal to 1.
    • Known problems: The primary procedure could still be performed during more than one operation and have priority equal to 1.
  5. If the primary operation could not be determined and is required by the report, the patient is excluded from it because it's impossible to tell the date of surgery or any other operation properties.

During the process, only valid operations are taken into account.