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To actually perform the report, please go to http://www.eactscongenitaldb.org

The Outcome Prognosis report will search the Database as a source of knowledge for patients similar to yours and will show you the results of their treatment. Presented results are based on the Database contents which is now over 30 thousands of Congenital Heart Defects procedures collected from 62 Centers since January 2000 untill December 2004.

How it works

The report is designed for a situation, when there is patient that is about to be operated and you want to find similar patients and see their treatment and outcome.

First, you start off with a patient you have, with specific diagnosis, age and weight. You enter patient's data into the report form. The database is searched for patient of the same diagnosis, age group and similar weight.

Found patients are grouped according to primary procedures of their operations. For each group, mortality is calculated and a list of complications is shown.

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